With hypnotherapy, whether it’s poor communication, fear of confrontation, or self-doubt — there’s a path forward that will give you more confidence, joy, and success.

Hypnotherapy enables you to enter a comfortable, relaxing trance state in which you you identify and address issues in your life so that you can move forward in a more positive and healthy way. At all times during the hypnotherapy you remain in control. 

Clients seek support to address many issues, from smoking cessation and weight loss to poor self-esteem and anxiety. I provide bespoke hypnofertility treatment that can be used to aid natural conception or to work alongside IVF protocols. I also offer personalised couples’ hypnobirthing. If you are unsure if hypnotherapy can be of help to you, please contact me. 

I bring a unique range of skills to help you – some clients might wish to have hypnotherapy alone, others might wish to combine this with homeopathy. My professional midwifery experience can also prove invaluable to clients who subsequently wish to have midwifery care. I individualise my approach to your needs and the therapy with which you are most comfortable.

I see clients in Canterbury in a purpose-designed space – or, in the case of hypnobirthing, in their own homes. 


Hypnotherapy is safe


Hypnotherapy is fast acting


Hypnotherapy works for many physiological & psychological issues


Hypnobirthing designed to activate your natural birth skills

Hypnotherapy relaxing & positive change

What is Hypnotherapy?

A state of guided relaxtion that allows you to tap into the power of your subconsious mind to bring about positive changes.

What can Hypnotherapy help with?

Hypnotherapy can work at solving addiction problems (like smoking) stress related illnesses & changes of behaviour (think successful weight loss) and more.

How many sessions will I need?

That really depends on what you need help with. When we speak I’ll get to know more about your issue and be able to give you some tailored guidance then.

Is Hypnotherapy for children safe?

Yes, it’s very safe. As children are more in touch with their imagination it can often work very well for them.


Drawing on a wealth of experience, gained from over a decade of running a specialist clinic with co-author Anne Hope, my books cover two of the topics on which clients most often seek my help: fertility problems, and issues relating to the menopause

Ten Things About Fertility That Could Change Your Life


Written by Anne Hope BSc (Hons) PGCE LCCH RSHom and Claire Chaubert BSc (Hons) LCCH RSHom RM

Menopause – Survive and Thrive


Written by Anne Hope BSc (Hons) PGCE LCCH RSHom and Claire Chaubert BSc (Hons) LCCH RSHom RM