It is increasingly reported that more and more couples are confronted with an unfulfilled desire to have children. Often times, and when trying for a long time, artificial insemination or even complicated surgical interventions seem to be the only way out. Some couples even get completely discouraged.

However, there are alternative methods that are anchored in naturopathy. One of these is hypnosis, which is an effective way of influencing the subconscious in a positive way. According to studies, the subconscious controls between 70 and 90 percent of the body and mind. Hypnosis is a simple and non-invasive method. It speaks to the subconscious and can deliver amazing results, which are usually contrary to any conventional medical experience.

The reasons for infertility are very diverse. The fertility of every person is subject to varying degrees of fluctuation. Even among young couples excessive stress or severe mental stress phases can cause infertility or a drastically reduced fertility. In addition to these factors, alcohol, nicotine, drugs and environmental toxins also have a significant impact on male and female fertility. Heavy smokers, for example, have a reduced semen production and smokers have to reckon with a lack of ovulation.

Faith can move mountains

The saying “Faith can move mountains” is a basic attitude that is particularly helpful in medical healing hypnosis. The ability of people to enter alternative states of consciousness is almost as old as mankind itself and, in addition to hypnosis, is known under the synonyms trance or dream travel. Hypnosis is the method with which the power of the subconscious is to be used in order to use it in a healing manner or to help. The respective therapist uses his or her words to guide the patient into an alternative state of consciousness in which the subconscious is particularly receptive. As a rule, most people associate hypnosis with a loss of control and believe they are not aware of the hypnosis – in practice, however, it is the other way around.

Hypnosis and fertility

The success of hypnotherapy when the desire to have children is unfulfilled can vary in nature. For example, hypnosis can lower blood pressure or stimulate the immune system. Hypnosis can also help to harmonize hormone levels, which increases the chance of pregnancy. Unfortunately, to date there are not very many studies on the success of hypnosis in the unfulfilled desire to have children. However, one study was able to show that the success of IVF treatment doubles if the women were treated with hypnosis in parallel. What is undisputed, however, is that medical hypnosis can identify emotional interference fields that create an imbalance between mind and body. Fear, uncertainty, depression, confusion or even anger at your own inability to get pregnant, can significantly reduce the chances of conceiving. This can be counteracted with hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy can increase the IVF / ICSI success rate

If you are on reproductive fertility treatment (for example IVF or ICSI), then hypnosis could even help you increase the implantation rate of the returned embryos. Because one scientific study shows that with the help of hypnotherapy, implantation can be achieved and artificial insemination can be effectively supported. The Israeli team around Dr. Levitas embryo transfer with hypnosis, with a higher implantation rate of 50% in comparison only 30% in women (control group) who received no hypnosis during the transfer. You can take a look at the research here.