My Charges

What’s involved and the services costs


Each appointment lasts approximately 45 minutes, after which remedies will be prepared and dispensed to you. So please allow one hour in total per appointment. Appointments normally take place on a four-weekly basis.

Each appointment at my own clinic or via Skype is charged at £65 for general practice clients, which includes the remedies. Where cases are agreed (in advance) with the client to require more detailed assessment charge is £100.  Home visits can sometimes be arranged by request, and each is charged at £100 locally or £120 when further afield. 

Complex cases, particularly involving fertility and menopause, may need to be considered in the specialist Hormonal Health & Fertility clinic that I run jointly with another homeopath, Anne Hope. These appointments are generally conducted by Skype, and as they involve the input of both highly experienced specialist practitioners, are charged at £120 per appointment. Click HERE for further details.

Phone consultations of up to 15 minutes, between full appointments, can be booked, and each is charged at £15, plus £10 per remedy dispensed if that is requested.


Each hypnotherapy session lasts approximately 45 minutes, with a further 15 minutes to discuss how it has gone and arrange the next appointment. Please allow one hour in total for the appointment. 

For most issues, each appointment is charged individually at £100, with a plan of treatment and expected total number of appointments being discussed and agreed at the initial consultation.

However, smoking cessation, weight loss treatment and hypnofertility all require specific programmes of treatment, so in these three cases treatment is offered only in blocks of three to four sessions, which includes an initial appointment to determine the most appropriate therapy approach. The total charge for each block is £400.

Independent Midwife

One-off appointments are each charged at £150 per hour — one hour is usually sufficient. These might be for me to give a second opinion, or for antenatal or postnatal support. 

Antenatal or postnatal support can be provided as separate packages. The charge is £3,000 per package.

A full care package encompasses antenatal care, birth care (including my being on call 24 hours a day from 37 weeks’ gestation until birth) and postnatal care up until 4 weeks post-birth. A full range of holistic skills may be used throughout this time. The charge is £9,000.

I believe that true personalised care is very important, so I do not accept more than two clients with a due date within the same period (37 to 42 weeks’ gestation).

Exclusive birth care – where I take on no other midwifery clients at all with a due date during the same period as yours (from 37 to 42 weeks’ gestation) – can be offered in some cases, for an additional charge as I would have to decline other clients. Please ask me about this if you are interested.  

I do not offer birth care alone, as this does not provide an opportunity to get to know you and your needs, is less safe for both mother and baby and typically has less positives outcomes. 

Don’t wait to make the shift to a more holistic approach

Whatever your needs, then you can be assured of a calm and professional approach by a an holistic expert covering a spectrum of health and wellness care and support. Please do contact me with any questions you have. I am approachable, understanding and supportive.