About Me

​Homeopath. Hypnotherapist. Independent Midwife.

Claire Chaubert


I am a highly-qualified health professional with many years’ experience. I live in Canterbury and run an integrated complementary health practice from a custom-built clinic there. I also practise from Bromley, and advise clients worldwide via Skype and Whatsapp. My approach is simple. It is about keeping the therapy about you – the client.

You might have a clear idea of what treatment you want and need or you might be unclear, and I can guide you through the options.

Get help & support using a gentle and integrated approach with a caring professional.

Claire Chaubert


I am a professional homeopath with many years’ experience in general practice and also run a specialist Skype-based clinic dealing with complex cases and clients with fertility issues.

Homeopaths work in many different ways. I choose to work in a patient-centred approach. So I might use what has become known as a “classical” approach, giving one or at most two remedies and allowing those to work through over the following weeks. Or I might use a complex homeopathy approach, giving combinations of complementary remedies. I choose the approach based on what I believe will be the most successful route.

I see clients presenting with a wide range of physical and emotional issues – treatment is based on an analysis of the symptoms the client is experiencing and matching the remedy picture to these so that the remedies are truly individualised. Homeopathic treatment is based on the philosophy of like treating like. It aims to help the body to restore itself to physical and emotional health. 


I am a qualified medical hypnotherapist – trained at the renowned London College of Clinical Hypnosis. Hypnotherapy has many approaches, and I personalise each session to you and your personal experience and needs. I will always take time to get to know your circumstances, your background and what you want. I will be realistic, honest and clear in describing the approach that I feel will be most effective and, above all, safe. Clients attend with varied issued including weight loss issues, life transitions, anxiety, smoking and pain and stress management.  

I do not use generic pre-prepared scripts. While these can be a helpful reminder or a guide I personally believe that every client needs and deserves a truly personalised, bespoke approach.

Some problems might be relatively simple and require just a short course of appointments, others might be more complex and require more hypnotherapy sessions. I will always set out what I expect, and ensure you agree with the treatment plan. If I believe that a referral to another specialism or practitioner would be beneficial, I will suggest that.


I am a qualified independent midwife offering a range of support – antenatal, postnatal and hypnobirthing – as well as full packages including birth care.

Midwifery support is increasingly being requested as clients often feel that they wish to be in control of the care they receive, and how and when they receive it. I provide personalised one-to-one care that is evidence-based, and give clients the information they need to them to make their own informed choices. 

Other women might simply feel that the over-stretched NHS is not always able to offer the continuity of carer or the time that they need, be that antenatally, postnatally or during the birth. Private independent care can be booked in addition to that provided by the NHS or as an alternative.