Paleo Diet – How the Paleo Diet Plan Can Help You Lose Weight and Avoid Obesity

bHow the Paleo Diet Plan Can Help You Lose Weight Naturally

The Paleo diet plan helps you make the right food choices that will allow you to start losing significant amounts of weight as well as feeling much more healthy and energetic.

Furthermore, the foods that you eat on the Paleolithic diet are not addictive and you won’t be left feeling hungry or wanting more after meals.

It is amazing how eating non-addictive foods, which are common in the modern day diet, can make such a dramatic difference to your health and your weight.

It is therefore no wonder that over 60% of Americans are overweight and obese. If you fall into this category it is not too late to make a change for the better.

If you get started on the Paleo eating plan now you will start seeing improvements in your weight and health in a short space of time and all the weight loss that you experience will be totally natural, healthy and will stay off for good.

What the Experts and Clinical Trials Say About the Paleo Diet

Loren Cordain, PhD, Colorado State University professor sings the praises of the Paleo way of eating.

She and other supporters of the Paleo eating plan say that it is a very healthy diet for the human body contrary to today’s modern day diet which is responsible for obesity as well as heart disease, diabetes and other dread diseases.

Furthermore, clinical trials have actually shown that the Paleo Diet Plan is the most appropriate diet for us humans to encourage weight loss, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, reduce inflammation, helps clear skin and encourages the body to perform at its best – athletes eating the Paleo way will attest to this.

What Can You Eat On the Paleo Diet Menu?

As the Paleolithic eating plan is based on the food that our ancestors consumed, it consists largely of the sorts of foods that were hunted and gathered by our ancestors.

These would be things like meat, fish, eggs, shellfish as well as nuts, vegetables, roots, fruits and berries.

It must be said that the difficulty in getting all the benefits from the Paleo diet plan depends on the availability of certain foods and organic plant food.

However, having a comprehensive guide on Paleo will provide you with all the information on following this eating plan to ensure that you get all the health benefits.

It will make it easy to prepare for each meal, and stick to the Paleo diet menu, which will have you body jumping for joy with its new found health and slim look.