Introduction To The Paleo Diet Also Known As the Caveman Diet

Paleo-Diet-Plan-This article is a brief description and introduction to the paleo diet. It puts in plain words what the diet is, and the principle behind it, what foods are and aren’t included and the advantages of living a paleo lifestyle.

The paleo diet plan developed millions of years ago and it is also called the “caveman diet”. Take a step back in time with me, thousands of years back, people were taller, more slender, athletic, much healthier and more skilled. I’d say that’s where we got the wheel from. Sorry bad joke.

Any way back to what I was saying.

During the paleo time period, people ate fish, fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables, along with other natural foods. A good wholesome paleo diet if you know what I mean.

People from the Caveman era had a healthier immune system, more energy, better sleep habits, better weight control due to the naturally fresh food they consumed and the kind of work they did in search of food and shelter to survive. Some of the things you will experience with the paleo diet is increased energy, increased Sex drive, clearer, Smoother Skin, weight loss, better performance and shorter recovery time, not to mention a stronger immune system. These things come after a period of detoxification the paleo diet provides.

The caveman’s food was packed with all the natural vitamins and nutrients that the body needed. These paleo recipes which had more calories, and more protein for recovery, but less fat also provided their energy each day. Just think of how extreme a caveman’s life was if the paleo diet kept him in shape, just think of the benefits it would have in the present time.

The paleo diet helped the caveman get and maintain their natural strength, weight, blood sugar level, mind power, and stamina through diet just like any diet should. I mean how many diabetic cavemen have you read about? I could be wrong about this but it makes too much sense not to be true.

Even though we have come along way in the storage of our food, with chemicals like sodium nitrate, salt, Aspartame and Phenylalanine. which is used in the preservation process and substitutions of our food. which are all fine in small doses, but they sabotage our metabolic rate and also cause health problems when consumed in bulk. All things in moderation. Right? If too many carrots can turn your skin orange, and yes beta-carotene is harmless but it also isn’t used in every product on the grocery shelf either. These chemicals yes prolong the shelf life, but at what expense?

Some of these very additives discussed above have been linked to health problems as serious as brain lesions, seizure activity, and tumors. I am not writing these things to scare you; the truth is the truth, and information is power. The more I investigate the more unsettled I am getting about this subject.

A good paleo food list would start from the outside walls of your local grocery store or your local farmers market. A well balanced paleo menu starts with home grown or organic foods.This is just the tip of the iceberg the way the paleo diet plan puts it all together is really the key. From paleo snakes to paleo meatloaf the variety of foods will leave you wanting nothing in the taste and variety section of your meals.