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What Is the Paleo Diet and How Does It Apply to Our Modern Life?

To put it most simply, the Paleo diet is whatever would have been eaten by people living anywhere from 10,000 to 2,500,000 years ago – generally known as Palaeolithic man (and woman of course!). Of course there are a few issues when it comes to knowing exactly these ‘cavemen’ actually ate. Not least is the […]

What Kind of Foods Are Allowed on the Paleo Diet?

A starting point to some of the foods allowed on the Paleo diet. There is not a diet in existence that does not have its fair share of rules, regulations and guidelines relating to the types, quantities and portions of food and drink within it. You may have heard terms like Palaeolithic nutrition, the Caveman […]

The Different Variations of the Paleo Diet

People who have tried out the Paleo Diet by Dr. Loren Cordain have ended up quitting the diet because of the severe restrictions in certain foods. Some cannot do without their intake of grains, legumes and potatoes. Others will have difficulty in meeting the large protein consumption required by the diet. There are even some […]

Paleo Diet for Families With Kids

The Paleo diet, and variations on it, are gaining increasing popularity, especially among physical fitness enthusiasts. Its focus on whole foods, minimal processing, and an avoidance of grain products have yielded many benefits for those who stick with it. Rapid weight loss, increased energy, and clearer thinking are just a few of these. People who […]

Paleo Diet – Lose Weight and Eat Healthy

Paleo Diet – The Basics Do I need a Paleo Diet Plan? 50,000 years ago, when men were hunters and gatherers, it was okay to “eat-up” in order to develop layers of fat, as that would be useful in the winter when food was hard to find. That’s not a problem anymore. Today, we get […]